I’m Starting a Business; Now What?

If you know me personally, you know I am a planner through and through. And if you don’t know me, you will by the time you finish reading this. First off, there is no right way to start a business. Sure there are things that should be in place, but I believe each business, each owner, is different and, therefore, each business begins differently. Some see the bigger picture and go for it flying by the seat of their pants. Some are more methodical and plan each part A through Z with backup plans for each step. I fall somewhere in the middle.

I started with an idea roughly 6 years ago and let it marinate. My first investment included getting my logo designed (thanks Sam!), creating a tagline and having all those files neatly organized in a folder on my computer. And there they sat ready and waiting for the next steps. My next steps didn’t start until March of 2020, well end of February 2020 when I met a woman by the name of Coach Kelly Mobeck. Quick back story - I had the opportunity to help a good friend, Ali Goff, launch her inaugural business retreat. I and her mom were in charge of all things food and presentation. We had an amazing time in a beautiful cabin in South Lake Tahoe. It is there that I met Coach Kelly. Coaching was new to me in every way and participating in an all women’s group was also new to me. 

I had an introductory coaching session with Kelly during the retreat and I was intrigued wanting to learn more. Over the rest of the retreat, I spoke with Kelly during the hang out sessions and she was gracious enough to let me pick her brain about coaching, what it is, the process and how I could continue working with her after the retreat. Driving home I was excited and I was nervous. I finally had a means to get to starting my business. I had connected with someone who got me and understood the challenges I was facing in being able to let this idea fly. 

Our initial discussion was how to operate on two tracks. How could I begin working on my business while also maintaining my full-time job? How could I get myself to the jumping off point where I could leap from two tracks to one track, my track? Post retreat I worked one week and then it was family vacation time. And the next week, COVID layoff on a Tuesday and my first coaching session with Kelly that Thursday. Well, there’s nothing quite like being flung off the two-track plan to the one-track plan in a matter of weeks. Complete game changer, pivot point, biggest leap ever - it was GO time!

Having a coach to guide me, hold me accountable and teach me what I didn’t know I didn’t know, got me to where I am now almost a year into my business. The initial sessions were more check listy, plowing through and sheer determination to meet the launch day set by me based on the first product I designed. And shout out to my mom for helping me brainstorm product concepts into reality. That is still the process today and I love it! 

I felt comfort in the get an EIN number, get business insurance, get my business license, get my seller’s permit, find someone to build my website, find a product photographer, have a friend teach me social media, etc. because those were clear, actionable steps. And trust me, I didn’t want to show up to the following week’s coaching session without my homework done so-to-speak. It felt so good to be working on something that was mine, something I was creating and building.

As launch day got closer and I reached out to a local TV station to feature my launch, the butterflies and the ‘I think I might throw up’ feelings increased. Kelly coached me through those too. You will always hear her say, “If you feel like you’re going to throw up, you’re on the right path.” I kept pushing. My launch was featured on Good Day Sacramento. I was nervous and peed like 20 times before the camera guy arrived, but I did it. My boyfriend was amazing and took the morning off to be home with me and cheer me on. I went from this idea rolling around in my head to having met someone who could guide me through starting my business to training wheels are off, we are go for launch in t-minus 7 weeks. What a start!

I still have my weekly coaching calls with Kelly and she continues to guide me, get me outside of my comfort zone and stretch for those goals. There are challenging days; there are great days, but at the end of the day, they are MY days. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be the captain of my own ship minus the days where I feel like I lost my rudder and am going in circles, but every day is worth it. Every mistake is a learning opportunity. Every accomplishment is celebrated. I am grateful for every order. I am thankful I get to live my purpose every day bringing joy to others by creating experiences.