How to Make a Celebration Meaningful during the Pandemic

A collective thought I keep hearing is, “When will this pandemic be over? I just want to be able to get together with friends and family like we did before.” I empathize with that sentiment 100%. However, I’d like to propose a curious question instead. 

What about the getting together before are we after? 

Besides the obvious of physically being able to get together in the same space without wearing masks, I’m curious about the feelings about “before.” I’m curious about the ways in which we created meaningful experiences “before.” I’m curious about transcending those sentiments and feelings and bringing them FORWARD. What would that look like? What could that look like?

I offer a transition, a stepping-stone, getting us from BP “before pandemic” to AP “after pandemic.” I believe there is no time like the present and we don’t need to wait to celebrate a holiday, a life moment, or a milestone until a later date. We can do it right now! There are a plethora of ways in which we can make celebrating during this pandemic meaningful. Here are some of my favs in list form because I love lists!

  • Choose a theme and run with it!
  • Make someone’s favorite treat!
  • Create a handmade card and mail it!
  • Send a random hello or gift through the mail for no reason at all!
  • Leave hidden notes throughout the house for your special someone or kids to find on their special day or just because!
  • Have a movie night complete with popcorn & movie treats!
  • Play games, have a scavenger hunt - do something to move and have fun doing it!

I could keep going, but the list is endless. The biggest part to creating something meaningful is to ask the person being celebrated how they’d like to celebrate. Tune into what they are saying and even if it’s not something you would do to celebrate, I kindly say, “it’s not about you.” It is about the person being celebrated. 

I’ll give you an example. We recently celebrated my boyfriend’s niece’s 10th birthday. We asked her what theme she would want to celebrate and she said ‘girl galaxy’. Now, nothing jumped into my head immediately, but her mom helped me out with a Pinterest search and I was off to the races! I don’t particularly care for the color pink nor would I select this theme for myself. However, this was for Cali’s 10th birthday. Bring on all the pinks, purples, stars, sparkles, glitter - everything SHE wanted to make turning double digits meaningful and memorable for her. She loved it! And here’s the kicker, we loved being able to celebrate with her watching those smiles and squeals as she opened her Party Package and the adults got to decorating.

The other piece to think about when creating something meaningful is that we are also likely creating memories too. The celebrations, the fun, the special treats will all be remembered as a special moment in time. Take all the pictures and all the videos because I promise getting to relive those moments can be magical.